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    CS Games 2024

    Borhan Saflo3 weeks ago

    The Computer Science Society is excited to announce that 20 of our students will be representing the University of Windsor at the CS Games 2024 this March! This annual competition, spanning three days, is hosted each year by a different institution and will take place at the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal.

    Below are the names of the students belonging to each team:

    Team A:

    • Abbie Dewhirst
    • Mathew Pellarin
    • Faraan Rashid
    • Borhan Saflo
    • Cameron Vandermeersch
    • Akshat Sharma
    • Niko Jones
    • Joshua Lebert
    • Raymond Zeng
    • Elias Pardalis

    Team B:

    • Vivian Tang
    • Nick Boisclair
    • Matthew Connell
    • Nouman Malik
    • Tanzim Hossain
    • Gabriel Rueda
    • Abboudy-Ryan Hermes
    • Bradley Boratto
    • Ali Asghar
    • Ahmad Munim