The Computer Science Society

The Computer Science Society is a group of elected students that represent all undergraduate students enrolled in Computer Science at the University of Windsor. We aim to improve the university experience for all CS students by hosting outings, workshops, providing resources, and more!

Who are we?

Here's your 2021 Computer Science Society Board (with contacts):
President: Jeremie Bornais
Vice President: Wahid Bawa
Treasurer: Filip Knezevic
Head of Events: Julia Sabelli
Head of Societal Development: Justin Bornais
Career Advisor: Abdulaziz Khan
Merchandising Coordinator: Laila Albalkhi
Social Media Coordinator: Ali Al-Timimy
Event Organizer: Shubham Mehta
Co-Head of Technology: Ryan Prairie , Aman Patel
Event Coordinators: Harnoor Reen, Preet Rajeshbhai Koshiya, Dhruv Bera, Usman Farooqi
Senior Representative: Julia Garant
2nd Year Representative: Sharjeel Mustafa
1st Year Representatives: Kelly Owenya, Niko Jones
Secretary: Ben Chittle

Contact Us

Due to COVID-19, we have suspended our regular office hours until we return to campus.

You can also reach any of us individually on the Discord server or our email addresses listed above, our with our society email address

How do I get involved?

Everyone in the Computer Science Society is elected by you, the undergraduate students in CS.

See the CSS Constitution which contains the titles and descriptions of all roles in CSS.

Elections are now split up into two rounds. Nominations for the first round of positions which includes all head and executive positions takes place in February, and the second round for the rest of the positions takes place in March. If a student runs for a position in the first round and fails to get the votes, they may run for another position in the second round.

The vote for our two first-year representatives for the current school year usually takes place in September or October.

When the time comes, everyone will be notified via email and Discord on how to nominate and vote for CSS positions.

Here is the most current chart showing the hierarchy of positions on CSS:
CSS Org Chart Now