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CSS Charity Raffle

CSS Team3 years ago

Lockdown is hard. With so many businesses closing, many families and children are finding it harder to gain the necessities needed to remain strong during the pandemic. In saying this, the Computer Science Society is hosting a Charity Raffle where donations, matched by CSS, will be sent to a charity or foundation chosen by the first person drawn!

As an incentive, there are additional prizes for the first, second and third person drawn. The first three people drawn can choose one of the three bundles:

Basket 1

  • Weighted Blanket
  • Steam gift card (25$)
  • Mugs with coffee or tea

Basket 2

  • Spike ball set
  • Steam gift card (25$)
  • Mugs with coffee or tea

Basket 3

  • Playing cards
  • Stress balls
  • Steam gift card (25$)
  • Crack the Coding Interview Book
  • Coffee Mugs with coffee or tea
  • LED lights
To participate in the raffle, click on the link below:


The final date to enter the raffle will be on February 22nd, 11:59 PM. The first person drawn is able to choose a charity from a list; however, if they wish to choose another one, we just have to get it approved.


Make sure to check out our ongoing Instagram competition found here https://www.instagram.com/uwindsorcss/. Take a photo of your computer setup and enter to win!